“There were families with picnic baskets, walkers, friends, and all of them had forgotten maybe one of the biggest royal event in modern times and, instead of tune in front of the television, chose to hang out in the park. The bands followed one another on the small stage during the afternoon and evening. The music was modern, peaceful and inspiring. The volume so low and pleasant that it could even talk to each other when the bands played. There was a playroom for the children in the park and adults could take the opportunity to shop for local pottery or handmade notebooks. Bättrestadsdel newspapper 


Stockholm Stad / Stockholm City Council
Statens Kulturådet / Swedish Arts Council
Vintervikens Trädgårdsförening
Bildamusik Stockholm
Svensk Jazz (Nya Arrangörer)
Pixel Palace
Olsson Amps

Rita M. Pereira

Team 2015 
Silvia Sardeira
Petter Wickman
Suzanna Lind
Cecilia Redhe
Francisco Mendanha
Kristopher Krook

A Big Thanks to the Vintervikens association and specially to Christer!

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